SBA Calculator

With SBA you can order a very useful complementary product SBA Calculator.

SBA Calculator is an Excel based spreadsheet, which performs similar function as Blackjack Risk Manager 2000. SBA Calculator can calculate the optimal bets for any given betting spread and tipping strategy. You need a simulation from SBA, and then you can use SBA Calculator to optimize your betting strategy.

SBA Calculator can also calculate all the statistics (SCORE, initial bet advantage, standard deviation, risk of ruin, etc.) SBA Calculator gives you the expected profit after a given number of rounds and provides risk analysis -- so called confidence intervals for a given confidence level.

All this can be done for an arbitrary betting spread. This means that for given rules and conditions you can run just one simulation using SBA simulator with for example flat betting, and then use the SBA Calculator to see the results of any other betting strategy, rather than running new simulations.

The input for SBA Calculator is the Count Statistics table from SBA's simulation report. You cut & paste the table.

The price of SBA Calculator is only $25.00.

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Below are the main screenshots from SBA Calculator. The data used for generating the screens below are from the sample Report file.