Download a FREE demo version

You can download a demo version of SBA 5.5 for free.

The demo version looks like the full version but it allows you to run simulations with only a fixed set of rules. The strategy generator cannot be run with the demo version.

The rules supported by the unregistered version are early surrender and doubling hard 11 only. I know that these rules are not much practical. Please purchase the full version! The demo version does not further contain the document Explanation of Blackjack Statistics, which explains how to understand all the statistics (advantage, standard deviation, etc.), how to calculate optimal bets from simulation data, how to optimally bet on multiple hands, and other important information. The document Explanation of Blackjack Statistics is an important part of the full version.

Nevertheless, by playing with the demo version you will see how SBA exactly works and how much it can do.

Click here to download the demo version of SBA 5.5