SBA Reviews

SBA has been favorably reviewed by a number of blackjack authorities. Here are a few of them:

"It is safe to say that the SBA has fast become the most respected and reliable simulator in the industry today." -Donald Schlesinger, author of "Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros' Way"

"It has become, IMO, the current 'King of Sim Mountain', and is my overall favorite simulator." -John Auston, author of the "Blackjack Risk Manager 2000" software

"SBA is the most flexible and comprehensive simulation and index generation package I have used. It made the task of producing the Brh Systems Book immensely easier. I abandoned my own simulator to use it!" -Brett Harris, author of BRH-I and BRH-II systems, and UBALO O/U 13 system

"SBA is an outstanding piece of software. It is the current standard against which all other Blackjack simulators must be measured." -Richard Reid, founder of "bjmath" discussion group

"In my estimation, Statistical Blackjack Analyzer by Karel Janecek should be used by every serious blackjack player. It puts to shame all of the other simulator programs." -Ralph Stricker, author of the "Silver Fox Blackjack System"

"I believe this to be the finest simulator today among the current available selections." George C., author of the "Unbalanced Zen II" system